Halifax Commercial Electrician

Henderson Electrical Installations Limited provides commercial electrician services along with a full range of products to Halifax and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in meeting the desires and commercial needs of today’s businesses due to increased electrical needs resulting in of advent of new technologies. We also know taking care of the littlle things are an important part of meeting our deadlines and making sure your business isn't losing money. That includes:

  • Making sure our van is organized
  • Knowing where everything is prior to arriving so we aren't wasting your time getting organized
  • Bringing cordless vacuums so when the job is complete so you aren't left with a mess

Comfortable with any commercial electrician job

Our team is adaptable to any working relationship. It doesn't matter if we are working:

  • One on one
  • In conjunction with contractors
  • or with Realtors, who provide us with both work and referrals in order to close a deal quickly

Whether you are in Liverpool, Musquodobit or anywhere in between give us a call at (902) 403-3504 if you have a new build, renovation or any small job.

Henderson Electrical Installations Ltd
46 Hansens Lane
Waverly, NS
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